Uni Essentials

Moving to Uni is a big thing! Amazon, Ikea, Wilko and more all have webpages listing all the equipment, pots, pans and electronics you’ll need to survive your first year at uni. We’ve seen hundreds of blogposts titled something along the lines of how to deal with noisy housemates or flat drama. There are even the helpful checklist websites showing you everything sensible you’ll need for Uni like paperwork, ID, toilet paper and a duvet… boring but probably right! If you forget the essentials, you’ll have to drive all the way back home or have the dreaded call with the parents that you’ve forgotten something essential.

If you’re still yet to move in some important items include:

  • Passport or driving license
  • Towels and bedding
  • Coat hangers
  • Plug adapter (for international students)
  • Washing machine pods and fabric softener
  • Stationery and books
  • Toilet roll
  • Plates, glasses and all the kitchen bits
  • Food!

At On Campus Art we think the most important thing is home comforts. Photos and memories from home but also new things to put your stamp on your space and to make it feel homely.

If your wall has a blank space to squeeze in an art print or two then look no further! We’ve got something for everyone in all sorts of shapes and sizes. See our size guide HERE to see what you can fit in your new room. 

We’ve got such a wide variety of poster to choose from so get shopping to grab a bargain!

Often uni rooms come with lots of cubes and shelving which can be used for important things like books and assignments but if there’s a bit of space left to improve your room aesthetic, grab a small frame and a print and jazz it up. No space because all the boring stuff is in the way? No worries, jazz up the wall around it.

Or maybe you like the cleaner framed look?

House plants are too much hassle, you won’t have time or remember to water it so we have a solution…

Want to brighten up any other rooms in your house or flat?

We don’t just do posters and art prints, we do notebooks, mugs and stickers too!

At On Campus Art we’ve got everything to help you settle into your new place and put your own stamp on your space.